The Talking Books™ are interactive, audio-visual tools that make both teaching and learning very simple, motivational and engaging by making quality content prepared by experts easily available to learners. Children, parents and teachers can use the Talking Books™. To use the Talking Books™, the user simply turns on the Mavis Pen™ and taps on the pages (texts or images) of the specially printed digital paper books to enter an exciting new world of interactive audio on paper.


Developed in collaboration with expert educators, university professors and linguists

Interactive audio-visual (with illustrations) on plain paper. Works with the Mavis Pen (our new digital pen). Low power requirement (Can be solar powered)

Can be used by learners of all ages (children or adults) and can be purchased for use at Home, Schools, IDP Camps, Libraries, Community Learning Centres, Language Labs, etc.

What the experts say about the Talking Books:
“The Talking Book (English-learning-Igbo) Book 1 by Mavis Computel Ltd. is a remarkable contribution to linguistic pedagogy, especially in relation to the teaching of indigenous languages; in this case the Igbo language.

The book has a total of twenty-one (21) chapters and extensive exercises in the form of games. The main topics covered include Igbo speech sounds, grammar, semantics, socialization and folklore. The use of the English language makes the book readily accessible to both Igbo and foreign language learners. The approach is simple and very user friendly. The variety of Igbo used, generally is the standard Igbo (SI) which is the variety used for teaching the language in schools; used in the media and also in gatherings involving Igbo people from different dialect backgrounds. The Talking Book is ideal for beginners in Igbo language learning.

Mavis Computel’s Talking Book (English-learning-Igbo) Book 1 can be aptly described as a portable, user-friendly language teaching workstation.”

Prof. Clara Ikekeonwu (Professor of Linguistics, UNN | Language Consultant)