Picture: Teaching with a Talking Poster under a tree at LEA Primary School, Ushafa. For more videos of the Talking Books and Talking Posters, Click Here.


Talking Paper Books for Personalised Learning


Talking Paper Posters for Teaching

The Talking Paper Books and Talking Paper Posters (up to A0 size) are sound-activating, fully illustrated and interactive paper which work with the Livescribe smartpen to make both teaching and learning more motivational and engaging. The Talking Book Language Series are designed to enable the user gain proficiency in a language within 9 - 12 months.

The Talking Paper (Interactive Audio-Visual Paper) Bundle:

a)      Assists the teacher to teach languages innovatively.

b)      ‘Makes’ the teacher a linguist, singer, poet, mathematician, musician, storyteller, and more, or simply; a good teacher.

c)       Enables the learner to tap, listen to, speak fluently, read and write Nigerian and/or foreign languages and learn other subjects.

d)      Extends learning outside the classroom (24/7 learning), keeps learner engaged, and improves learner performance.

e)      Provides ubiquitous access to quality education.

f)       Helps parents become more involved in the language education of their children

g)       Enables the learner to listen to native speakers of a language, do quizzes, play games with sounds and beautiful pictures, listen to music and do repetitions at his/her convenience - to gain proficiency in the language.

h)      Does not need Internet access

i)       Can be used by an illiterate

j)       Can be used in rural areas - like in Community Learning Centres.

To order the Talking Books online, visit our online store on the GTBank SME MarketHubhttps://maviscomputel.smemarkethub.com/  (Nationwide delivery available via Tranex)

Here is a list of all of the the demo videos on the Talking Book Series! These videos are arranged in categories, and you can click on any link to view the corresponding video.

E-HIFY (English-learning-Hausa, Igbo, French & Yoruba) 4-in-1 Bundle  (Available Now)


English-learning-Hausa Talking Book 1


English-learning-French Talking Book 1


English-learning-Igbo Talking Book 1

English learning Igbo Tone Marking

English learning Igbo Audio Posters


English-learning-Yoruba Talking Book 1 

Project Management Professional Talking Book

Audio Book - Learning English