Mavis Education Programme (MEP) Centre in Mpape, Abuja.

Children using the Talking Books to learn at the Mavis Education Programme (MEP) Centre in Mpape, Abuja, Nigeria.

The Mavis Education Programme (MEP) is a unique Education-as-a-Service model designed to provide high quality, yet low cost basic education, for as low as $2/child/month, using the Mavis Pen and Talking Books technology.

We have two deployment models. One model caters to in-school/classroom use and the other to out-of-school children (OOSC). The two deployment models/scenarios can run concurrently in a state or community to:

  1. Remarkably improve learning outcomes. (Empirical data from our pilot program showed improvement in test results from an average score of 30% to 93%.)
  2. Drastically reduce the cost of providing Basic Education by about 60%, because our Talking Book solution makes classroom teaching and learning more effective – requiring only about a quarter of the number of teachers/facilitators. (According to UNESCO, Teacher salaries typically account for more than 80% of education budgets:
  3. Comprehensively address issues relating to the shortage of qualified teachers and teachers’ commitment, which are hampering efforts to achieve quality universal primary education. (Our Talking Book solution uses technology to support teachers and make quality content available to learners at a fraction of the regular cost.)
  4. Enable over-aged pupils using the Talking Books™ to gain some years particularly those pupils that already lost some years earlier, as Out-of-School-Children (OOSC). (Pupils who had access to the Talking Books in our pilot programme for only two hours per day and five days per week, covered the Primary 1 English syllabus in eight weeks.)
  5. Enable a State Government to also provide low cost access to meaningful, child-centred learning outside the classroom. (This also applies to adult education.)

Who can benefit from the cost savings of deploying the MEP?

  • Federal Governments
  • State Governments
  • Donor organisations that support education
  • Schools
  • Communities